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We create effective content marketing strategies and build strong, consistent and impactful stories for your brand through content creation and collaterals, constructing rich content for the right communication channels.

What is content marketing?


Content marketing is a strategic way to showcase a company’s products or services without explicitly promoting the brand in an outright manner in order to generate interest. The objective of content marketing is to first provide “value” to a target audience. Content marketing, as opposed to advertising, aim to create long-term value and has a longer and deeper impact on potential clients. It’s a strategic approach that involves creating, providing and sharing information that are relevant to the target audience. More companies in Singapore and around the region are allocating their budgets towards content marketing to reach a targeted audience.

Why is a good content marketing strategy important for any business?

A good content marketing strategy strongly establishes a brand’s image in an industry. By giving the target audience relevant information that they are interested in, it builds trust amongst the target audience, creates better understanding of your company’s products and services, and increases brand visibility at the same time. Content marketing often involves channels that are not owned or controlled by the company, such as news media, partners or influencers. The more your brand is associated with or reported by the media and with the right influencers, the more a positive brand reputation can be built over time.

content marketing strategy important for any business

What are the types of content we develop?

    1. Thought leadership articles: we research and create insightful content to be featured in print or online, which touches on the current state of the industry or economy. It takes into account of global trends and the content is tailored to a specific market or target audience. This form of content marketing raises the visibility of a company and boosts the reputation of the company as a trusted partner to potential clients and industry observers. It also serves as an effective way to provide the public with the perspective of the company’s position on a particular industry trend or government initiative.
    2. Insightful social media posts: We ensure consistent posts with similar messaging across various social media channels to help a company create a reliable brand image in the eyes of the public. It can help build the company’s management as thought leaders or visionaries in the industry.
    3. Infographics: Visual content that is insights-driven and conceptualises key ideas. We research, create and edit engaging, insightful and relevant visual content to raise awareness and educate the right target audience. We ensure such content marketing is aligned to the brand values, tone and messaging.
    4. Videos: Videos are a great alternative to written content to articulate a company’s brand and introduce the benefits of its products and services, especially if the functions of the products or benefits of the services are more complex to understand. We recommend, develop and create the messaging, scripting and production of videos that are most appropriate to a company’s business objective, be it interview videos, explainer videos or even animated videos.
    5. Customer success: Customer success case studies offer a rare insight into the tangible ways in which a company’s products or services is beneficial and is useful. It can be used for promotional purposes on multiple marketing channels and platforms. We research, design and format engaging case studies that showcase a company’s strengths.
    6. Website/blog posts: A company’s website is often the first stop for your potential stakeholders to understand your company, your brand, your product and services. We craft, edit and maintain content for your company’s website, which is concise, clear and engaging, with an understanding and relevance to Search Engine Optimisation.
      Blogs offer an alternative channel for companies to provide insights to products and services, or simply relevant information that your potential clients are searching for. This, in turn, aids in driving traffic to your website.

How can we help you engage your audience through content?

At LITMUS, we craft engaging and newsworthy content that generates interest and captures the attention of your current, potential clients and stakeholders. We offer unparalleled access for your company to elevate your brand image through content marketing. We assess and recommend the most appropriate platforms and content types to showcase a company, its products and services, which go a long way in elevating your brand’s public image.

engage your audience through content

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