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Public Relations (PR) and News Media

We educate the market about your company, product, and services. We create strong B2B PR strategies for corporations and startups in innovation, fintech, technology and other sectors, developing impactful news stories, reaching your target audience with your messages.

What is a public relations strategy and media plan?

A plan that considers a company’s announcement and forward plan, which also ties together an appropriate media plan and targets the right media, is an effective and efficient approach. The strategy should take into account the company’s business objectives and growth strategy and tailors a media engagement plan that considers the company’s market presence. This would help a company maximise its media coverage and generate a strong brand reputation in the long run.

Why is media engagement important for your company?

It is undeniable that the media has a reach that every business wishes they had! A single media report by a reputable media publication amplifies a brand’s message and easily reaches millions of readers or viewers. Speaking to the media allows a company to position its brand and elevates brand visibility. Whenever something newsworthy happens in your company, engaging with the media is an essential way to communicate with the public and reach out to potential customers. Media coverage on a company’s announcement, whether it be a new partnership, business milestone or expansion of the company in a new market adds credibility to the brand, which no amount of advertising dollars can bring. By having a journalist scrutinise your company’s products and services, it is testament to the brand’s trustworthiness and such coverage can only benefit the company in the long run.

How can LITMUS help you deliver impactful messages to your target audience through news stories?

As a public relations and communications agency in Singapore, we understand the media industry, market context and news cycle. Our extensive experience in the media management industry in Singapore, Southeast Asia and Asia has honed our news judgment and enable us to craft brand messages that are tailored to the interest of specific news publications.

We understand the business environment in Asia. As such, we tailor global business objectives to specific markets in a concise messaging format that captures the attention of potential investors and customers.  Given the diverse and vast media landscape in each market, it is integral to be cognisant on which news or trade publication fits your business objectives.

The services we provide include media monitoring and reporting, media engagement training and communication crisis management. We develop and adapt information according to the news flow to generate perceptive insights.

We develop content for press releases, by-lines, case studies, research, infographics, videos as well as insights into the company and industry.

We also provide media training sessions which equip company spokesperson(s) with the skillset required to best understand and engage with the media.

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