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We define your brand identity and develop your visual elements, creating a consistent identity across all your communication channels and touchpoints.

What is a brand identity?

Brand identity refers to an image of a company or a product that sets it apart from its competitors. This goes beyond the creative aspects of logo, tagline, website and other visual aspects of the company but also refers to the brand’s mission, vision and objectives. It defines the overall brand positioning and values of your company.

Why is it important for a business to have a strong and consistent brand identity?

It is important for a business to have a strong and consistent brand identity as it allows for recognition by customers and goes a long way in building the company’s reputation. A strong brand identity supports marketing efforts and sends a more coherent message on what the company’s business objectives are. It makes your company look bigger, your brand to stand out in the crowd and accurately portray your brand values to the public, especially with more and more people searching and researching for products and services online, before making their purchasing decisions.

How can we help businesses like yours develop a consistent identity across multiple communication platforms?

At LITMUS, we sit down with our client to first understand their company, their mission and vision.

We create and define a unique brand identity that is consistent across various communicate touchpoints and channels.

A strong brand identity leaves the right impression for your company, and creates the interest in your products and services and trust in your brand.

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